AVAYA 2410 digital phone or 2410 AVAYA digital telephone – We Buy/Sell Used

Are you looking to buy the AVAYA 2410 digital phone or repair or sell your 2410 AVAYA digital telephone? Our experienced customer service staff will help guide you on what to do when selling/buying or repairing  AVAYA business  phone systems.

The Avaya 2410 mid-level phone system is both flexible and streamlined, with localized capabilities for your business communications. The Avaya 2410 has
48 entry call log, 48 speed dial numbers, multi-line digital  telephone, 5 line x 29 character display, with 12 digital label call
appearances multi-screen. Provides hands free speakerphone, 10 fixed feature keys feature buttons including conference, headset, transfer,
drop, redial, speaker, hold, mute, volume up & volume down.  Four soft keys, 12-shifted feature buttons, large message waiting indicator
headset jack, local language customization,

Avaya 2410 Digital Phone

eight Personalized Ring Patterns and is either wall or desk mountable. Fully hearing aid
compatible, the message-waiting indicator is also used as the ringing call alert indicator. The Avaya 2410 can be maintained with the most
current enhancements through down-loadable firmware.

Compatibility features

The Avaya 2410 Digital Telephone is compatible with Avaya Communication Manager and Avaya IP Office.
IP Office – Requires available DS port on IP Small Office, IP403, IP406 V2, IP500 w/DS8 or Digital Station 16/30.
Avaya Communication Manager – Requires available DCP port on TN2181, TN2224 series circuit pack or available DCP port on MM312,
MM712, or MM717 DCP media module.

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