AVAYA 4621SW IP phone or 4621SW AVAYA IP telephone – We Buy/Sell Used

Are you looking to buy the AVAYA 4620SW  IP phone or repair or sell your 4620SW AVAYA IP telephone? Our experienced customer service staff will help guide you on what to do when selling/buying or repairing AVAYA business phone systems.

The 4620SW and the 4621SW are almost exactly the same IP Telephone System. Both telephones have the same appearance, user interface, and functionality. The telephones have somewhat different internal circuitry, and the 4621SW has a special backlit display. Both the 4620SW and 4621SW support Russian and multibyte characters like Chinese, Japanese, and Hebrew.

The Avaya 4621SW cost effectively provides a large screen (168×132) graphic display with back lighting, paperless button labels, call log, speed dial, 24 programmable feature keys, web browser, integrated Ethernet switch and full duplex speakerphone. The 4621SW supports EU24 and EU24BL 24 button feature expansion units.  With the same list price and the added benefit of a backlit display, the 4621SW will replace the 4620.
Features of the 4620 IP telephone :
24 Line Appearances/ 12 Feature Keys x 2 pages Paperless Button Labels,  10 Fixed Feature Keys, with
4 Softkeys with the following Softkey Navigation
Fixed Key-Transfer, Fixed Key-Conference, Fixed Key-Drop, Fixed Key-Redial, Fixed Key-Speaker, Fixed Key-Hold. Fixed Key-Mute, Fixed Key-Volume Up/Down, Fixed Key-Headset.
The display is Large Gray Scale with 168×132 pixels. There is an Infrared (IrDA) Port, Built-in Headset Jack ,Call Log Application and Special Speed Dial Application. You will find Web Browser (WML)capability using standard XML, LDAP Director,  24 Button Expansion Module, and Speakerphone Full Duplex with Auto Echo Cancellation- acoustic cavity for improved sound. IP Phone Features: CTI control via IP Softphone R4,G.711, G.729A/B Voice Coders, QoS Options of UDP port selection, Diffsery, 802.1p/q,SNMP Version 2 support, DHCP/Static IP Addressing, and H.323 V2 & Microsoft NetMeeting compatible, with Multiple Power Options Local and Power over Ethernet. With 10/100 Ethernet Connections, Built-in Switch, easy desk or wall Mount for small footprint. The  Message Waiting Indicator, easy Downloadable software for upgrades. As with all Avaya phones Hearing Aid Compatibility, ICON Button Labeling (1) and Personalized Ring Patterns.


The Avaya 4621SW IP telephone is compatible with the following communication servers:   Avaya Communication Server – TN2302AP and TN799C (not needed on S8300 Media Server with G700 Media gateway)
IP500/IP403/406/412/Small Office Edition – Version 1.3 or higher with available IP Station Port
Power Options – 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) or individual power supply unit.

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