Diversified Business LOOKING TO BUY Avaya 9650 Phones

Modern technology has made its way into our lives and the most advanced versions of the simple telephone models is a leading example of the same. The Avaya 9650 telephones with a sleek and stylish design and packed with loads of interesting features are undoubtedly a trusted option for many corporate organizations that look forward to managing teleconferencing works and bulk calls on a daily basis.

These phones having a sizable screen allow you to manage the calls you make while their collection of 16 buttons and auxiliaries give you the comfort of managing bridged line calls. The added features include – call log, integrated WML browser, contacts list, menu & settings.

This interesting device also comes with a USB port that lets you recharge your devices like mobile phones and portable chargers or anything running on battery . A red lighting button on the top portion of the phone’s body lets

Avaya 2410 Digital Phone

you know every time there’s a voice message waiting to be heard. Further the light continues to flash when you are receiving a call.

The call log button lights up every time you have a missed call. It also shows you the number of calls that you have missed. The prompt line icon helps you to see the various features that you can use at different times. Depending on your systems you might have 3 or 6 lines for calls. The buttons in three lines with LED features indicate the lines that are in use. You just have to press the button for the particular line that you want to use. The Aux Shift plays an important role in the system as it helps you move from one page to another and view if a call is on hold or if a call is in active mode.


With the 8 Aux buttons, you can get access to at least 16 more lines for features like speed dial, abbreviated dial buttons, call forwarding, bridged lines and more. Pressing the message button, takes you directly to the voice messages in the voicemail segment. The navigation arrows let you browse between menus or to move to the input. With Avaya 9650 you can configure the settings like volume for both the handset and the hands free options to suit your environment environment. This feature also keys you adjust the contrast and brightness features to compliment the general lighting condition of the room. Moreover, you can select the language to suit your convenience. Once, the phone has LAN and power supply a gatekeeper search starts immediately to allowing to make calls. Giving your PIN for the initial operation to start is a must. The unique Avaya menu lets you enjoy a host of facilities like configure options, settings, browser access, log out options and network viewing options.

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