AVAYA MM710B T1/E1 Media Module

Staying up to date with the demands of the average network and finding the right products can be challenging. The Avaya MM710B T1/E1 Media Module was specifically designed to perform under the most intense communication workloads without sacrificing the reliability and stability of your network. Avaya is known for their reliable telecom products, they have been manufacturing some of the best telecom products for over 10 years. Avaya’s innovative technology and forward thinking is what continues to help them stay ahead of the curve in an evolving industry.

Avaya’s media modules have numerous benefits to increase performance, efficiency and stability to your network. The Avaya mm710B T1/E1 Media Module is compatible with G350, G430 and G700 media gateways and T1 and E1 connections can be terminated to public or private network trunks. Network efficiency and reliability is DBP’s main objective, we only supply Avaya’s number one telecom products to support a healthy communication network. DBP supplies Avaya products to not only accommodate for growth, but also continue to uphold the opportunity to optimize your network costs.

MM710B Features:

  • Built-in Channel Service Unit
  • Software-selectable T1 or E1 operation
  • Echo cancellation
  • D4, ESF, or CEPT framing
  • ISDN PRI capability: 23 B-channel +1 D-channel or 30 B-channel +1 D-channelB3 (E1)
  • Fractional T1 support
  • AME, ZCS, B8ZS (T1) or HD line coding

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