AVAYA MM717 Port DCP Media Module

Avaya is a global leader of enterprise collaboration and communications solutions, offering a number of products to meet the demand of growing businesses. Many of their products, such as their media modules, are intended to help increase overall business productivity and reduce costs for evolving telecom networks. Products such as the Avaya MM717 24 port DCP media module were designed to take on the heavy workload of an extensive telecom network. Enterprises that face challenges with staying up to date with their network can turn to Diversified Business Products for solutions. DBP supplies an extensive range of network equipment such as media modules to allow businesses to meet business demands.

Avaya’s media modules can assist with increasing performance and efficiency of your telecom network. DBP Equipment offers a wide range of Avaya media modules to improve network stability. The Avaya MM717 24 port DCP Media Module offers features such as the simultaneous operation of 24 ports. Any of these ports can be connected through a fiber optic RJ21X Amphenol connector. In the every changing telecommunications industry, more robust solutions are necessary. DBP not only supplies Avaya products that allows for scalability but also improved collaboration.

The Avaya MM717 24 port DCP Media Module features:

  • Supports 24 ports simultaneously
  • Each port can be connected to a 2-wire DCP telephone: 2400, 6400 and 8400 series
  • Does not support 4-wire DCP telephones
  • Supported in G350, G450, and G700 Media Gateways

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