AVAYA Partner ACS R7 Processor Module

Avaya Partner processors are the ideal solution for your telecommunications needs. The Avaya Partner ACS R7 Processor Module was designed with the user in mind. The additional call features and buttons make it simple to manage multiple calls. It has numerous features that make the call management process easier, even during the busiest time of the day. With the ACS R7 processor module adding more lines is as simple as adding more plug-in cards, each device supports up to 5 phone lines and 9 phones extensions, along with 2 card slots for messaging, and software programming cards. The R7 also comes standard with a backup and restore card built-in the phone system.

On screen messages being displayed can be adjusted to fit desired preferences. For example, when a customer calls it will display a do not disturb or call waiting message depending on what is applicable. Purchasing a used high quality Avaya processor will enhance functionality and overall system performance. The R7 was built to handle the ever increasing network demands of any business. No matter if you’re searching for enhanced reliability or trying to support steady business growth, the R7 will support your evolving business network.

ACS R7 Features:

  • Dual PC Card Slot
  • Supports five phone lines and nine phone extensions
  • Caller ID ( Displays name and number)
  • Hold Music
  • Backup and Restore capability
  • 2 Power failure ports (In case of power outage)
  • 100 programmable speed dial numbers
  • Conferencing for 5 lines
  • Allows for 48 stations and 31 lines.
  • Provides an auto attendant with messaging and call routing options.
  • Internal Paging
  • Telephone Headset compatibility (wireless and standard sing line etc…)
  • Daylight Savings Patch
  • Dual Contact – Closure Connections (Control 3rd party devices)
  • Supports Multiple Voicemail Systems
  • Supports Analog Device Connections

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