AVAYA Partner ACS R7

If you’re searching for used telecom equipment, Diversified Business Products has the ideal parts selection for your needs. Choosing the right telecom part is equally as important as having them.  Avaya Partner processors are the ideal solution for your telecommunications needs and Diversified Business Products offers a wide array of new and used Avaya products at affordable prices.

The Avaya Partner ACS R7 is specifically designed to alleviate the difficulties in the call management process, making it easier to manage calls. It has numerous features that simplify handling incoming calls, even during the most hectic portion of the day. With the ACS R7 adding more lines is as simple as adding more plug-in cards, each device supports up to 5 phone lines and 9 stations, along with an advanced backup feature.

This device has the ability to adjust the message on screen, when customers call it will show a do not disturb message or whatever you would like to display. A quality processor will increase system performance and functionality. Whether you’re looking for better system reliability or your business is thriving and you need to support the additional growth, the R7 will support your evolving business network.


  • Allows for 48 stations and 31 lines.
  • Backup and Restore capability
  • Supports 5 phone lines and 9 stations
  • Provides an auto attendant with messaging and call routing options.
  • Caller ID ( Displays name and number)
  • Hold Music
  • Dual PC Card Slot
  • 2 Power failure ports (In case of power outage)
  • 100 programmable speed dial numbers
  • Paging Functionality
  • Conferencing for 5 lines
  • Daylight Savings Patch
  • Dual Contact – Closure Connections (Control 3rd party devices)
  • Supports Analog Device Connections
  • Supports Multiple Voicemail Systems
  • Telephone Headset compatibility (wireless and standard sing line etc.)

Diversified Business Products has one of the largest selections of new and used telecom equipment on the web. Customers choose DBP for our unmatched customer service, knowledge and industry experience. We are committed to customer satisfaction and providing the right product for your telecom needs. Call DBP today and speak with one of our friendly telecom experts.