Customer Guarantee

DBP is more than a reseller and buyer of telecom equipment; we are your solution for low-cost, state-of-the-art equipment. In this age of skyrocketing costs and restricted budgets, we strive to make the best equipment available to you for the most reasonable prices. That is our commitment to you, but that is not all.

We will take care of all of the shipping and handling costs associated with removing the equipment from your location, and, in some cases, we will even help you package it up. If you have been putting off removing

your old equipment because of the hassle, delay no longer. We can help, and we can make it quick, easy, and profitable.

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Our Winning Customer Service

Our winning customer service doesn’t end when we close a transaction; we provide advanced replacement, extended warranties, and an innovative Buy Back program to our customers. This ensures that you receive the full benefit of our expertise, knowledge, and experience now and in the future.

Customer service is at the heart of DBP Equipment; you are at the heart of DBP Equipment. See how we can help your business cut costs without cutting quality.