Nortel Norstar T7316E Digital Phone or T7316E Nortel Digital telephone – We Buy/Sell Used

As the world took its big leap into the age of technology and IT, the solutions to build strong businesses have also been upgraded and in this case, the contemporary sources of communication have also experienced substantial upgradation.

The current models of telephones from the branded manufacturers like Nortel, Avaya, Cisco, Toshiba and Siemens have now surfaced as multipurpose telephones with a rich paneling of features. This aspect of introducing a box full of features and facilities have made these telephones very much business oriented and user friendly to promote multiple calling and teleconferencing features.

For instance, the Nortel 6120 is one of the advanced telephone models that comes with a huge selection of features and facilities packed into one body. However, there comes along certain safety measures that need to be maintained, especially, if you have a pacemaker in your heart.

It’s always advisable to keep the device away from the pacemaker and not to carry the device close to the pacemaker. You must also avoid keeping the device near any metal object as the earpiece in the handset tends to attract anything with a metal base. You must always use a headset that’s compatible with the hearing aids.

Using this device is quite easy, you just have to press and hold End button to turn off your device. Just by pressing the end button you can turn off a call. Pressing the start button helps you make a call. The line button helps you to access the various line features. On pressing the FCN you get access to the features list, be it in active or the idle state.
The other functions in the handset can be accessed through the softkey Actv. The self labeled softkeys are placed below the display area. The LCD indicator tends to change depending on the status of the handset. You can use the softkeys to activate the features. With the Nav buttons you can enter the navigation system and go on to activate the different menus.

There are symbols to let you assess the signal strength, to know when a message enters the voicemail, to understand if the speaker is active, to know the line that’s currently in use, and to know about the incoming calls.

The handset also has a battery indicator and the line indicator shows the active line while the up and down arrows including the left and right arrows let you access the additional options in the movie. The PTT icon indicates the incoming calls. The set also has priority PTT indicator for the priority PTT calls. The no service icon shows up when you are out of the coverage area.

Packed with a myriad of features and functionality, the Nortel 6120 is your perfect business expansion partner and currently has a large requirement of these handsets.

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