Nortel 1140E Phones

The Nortel 1140E with its voice and data features can be connected to a LAN connection through Ethernet. Going by its basic features, the model has a LCD screen on both sides of which there are the line programmable keys that are self labeled in nature. You will also come across the 4 softkeys that are highly context sensitive. Other than featuring a high resolution LCD screen, this phone also has a backlit feature along with adjustable contrast features.

This is a high-end speaker phone with volume control keys that let you adjust the features like ringer, speaker, handset volume and the headset volume as well. The other 6 special featured keys include quit, message inbox, directory, outbox, copy, and services. This phone comes with 6 processing keys like mute, goodbye, handsfree, expand, hold and headset.

The phone also comes with gigabit Ethernet ports, inbuilt gigabit Ethernet switch for advanced shared access to PCs, headset jack plus on/off key, USB port that supports keyboard & mouse or a wireless headset. Automatic network configuration is a special feature that’s accompanied by graphical XAS and hearing aid compatible features. The wireless headset in the device supports Bluetooth usage and the accessory expansion module port. The self labeled line keys or the programmable keys also function as the DN keys. When a DN key is active, a steady light comes up beside the key, while a flashing LCD light means that the line is put on hold the programming of the feature is in process. The mute key is applicable for the handsfree headset, handset and microphones.

The mute LED indicator tends to flash in order to indicate that the microphone is in mute status. On pressing the handsfree key you can activate it and the LED indicator lights up to indicate its active status. With the navigation key, you can scroll across the menus and the lists of keys on the LCD screen. The enter key lets you confirm the selection of a particular menu. The enter key can be used in place of the most of the softkeys for the menu key.

With the hold key you can send a call on hold and tapping on the flashing DN lets you get back to the call. For access to the external server applications, you can use the Expand key. Pressing the headset key twice, gives access to the Bluetooth Setup menu and you must remember that this is possible only when the Bluetooth wireless technology is made available to your device., a leading business solutions provider dealing in used telecom items from brands like Avaya, Nortel, Cisco, Toshiba, Siemens, AT&T, Lucent, Panasonic, and many more. This company not only buys your used telecom items, but they also sell high quality, performance based telephone models and let you exchange your old systems for the new ones.

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