Nortel 1150E Phones

The role of modern technology has expanded grossly and this has resulted in a number of innovations not only in the field of technology but also in the world of business and commerce. Communication has always played a vital role in promoting any and every business.

With active diversification of business operations entrepreneurs presently need advanced communication tools and devices like multifaceted telephone equipments and Nortel 1150E phones in this regard comprise of a powerful category. Having the ability to control incoming calls routing to favorable positions for answering, this system supports music and recorded messages to the waiting calls.

On both sides of the LCD screen there are the line keys or self labeled programmable keys. At the lower part of the LCD screen, there are the softkeys organized horizontally. The softkeys offer access to at least 9 different features. If your IP phone is not configured for softkey features then you need to consult the system administrator.
This model also features high pixel resolution based screen including adjustable contrast and backlit features. The volume keys are designed to help you adjust volumes of the speaker, headset and ringer features. The specialized features include copy, quit, services, inbox, outbox and directory.

The Nortel 1150E model also includes 7 automatic call distribution keys also known as the ACD keys. These are also known as the fixed keys. These are meant to act as default configuration keys with integrated LED customized by the system administrator. These features are supervisor talk, supervisor, emergency, make busy, not ready, activity and in-calls.
This device also comes with user friendly features like timer for call duration, separate personal and corporate directory, callers list, redial list, virtual office, branch office, password administration, integrated gigabits switch for PC access (LAN and PC Ethernet port), supervisor headset port, agent headset port and USB port. This phone system has hearing aid compatibility and automatic network configuration features.

The wireless device support offers Bluetooth compatibility. You can change the language as per your convenience. The LCD icon beside a line key indicates the status of the key. If the key is being programmed then the LCD light tends to flash. The same applies for the feature keys. The volume and navigation keys further, simplify usability and enhance your experience.

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