Nortel 1200 Phones

As the modern generation has stepped into the age of technology, every aspect of life has experienced major changes and this has equally effected the telecom industry that has upgraded itself to producing branded telephones well suited for corporate environments and the Nortel 1200 series phones are a perfect example of the same.
To add to your convenience, there are several companies that buy and sell such branded but used or refurbished phone models that are in good conditions and with these companies, you can enjoy a number of benefits like selling your used telecom equipments at good prices or exchanging your used telephones for new ones at affordable prices. is one such trusted name that deals in a wide variety of telephone brands like Avaya, Cisco, Nortel, Juniper, AT&T, Panasonic and Siemens to name some.

While transacting with you can either sell your used telephone accessories for good prices or exchange them for new ones at prices much lesser than the usual market prices. The Nortel Phones from 1200 series include LCD Module with 12 key self labeling and there are the LED Expansion Module with 18 key Paper label system. The expansion modules are the hardware accessories connecting to the phone to feature additional lines and feature keys. The basic features in Nortel 1200 series includes:Whether, you are looking to start a new business and need advanced technology oriented telephones or if you are planning to wrap up your business and want to sell your unused set of telephones, is the one stop solution provider to your needs.

  • 12 or 18 additional user defined keys
  • The IP phones can be placed on desks and can be wall mounted as well.
  • These phones support almost 7 LCD Expansion Module 12 key self labeling or at least 2 LED Expansion Module 18 Key Paper label (both 1220 and 1230 support the expansion modules)

The Keys present on the Expansion Modules are the programmable keys with paper labels or LCD display. The system administrator program keys are mostly the memory, intercom or the line keys. A constant LCD light adjacent to the line keys or the intercom keys indicate that a calls are active, while a flashing or blinking LCD light indicates if a call is on hold or if there is an incoming call for you. The LCD display also provides labels for the different icons and the programmed keys that display the status of the special feature. The LEDs show the status for the programmed keys.

These phones also come with the local tools menu that gives you access to the various configured options. The preferences menu lets you alter your choices and preferences. The contrast tool lets you change the display settings and the language tool lets you alter the phone language to select the language of your choice. The Local Diagnostics menu is meant simply for the systems administrator’s use. The Network Diagnostics tool menu lets you assess the problems with networking. With the Network Configuration tool you can view the options to view configuration for the display settings information on your phone.

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