Nortel 1220 Phones

Modern technology has advanced to the extent where you have highly classified and technologically enhanced telecom devices that are designed exclusively to make your life easier and more comfortable at the same time. You will definitely find these telecom devices from the leading brands like Avaya, Nortel, Siemens, Cisco and Panasonic in the market but their prices are equally good and given their features and facilities, these phones are best suited for the modern corporate environments where people have to handle multiple calls and client conversations and conference calls at a time to keep their businesses running smoothly.

On the contrary, you might as well buy these systems from the various online dealers at very decent and reasonable prices that suit your budget. However, this definitely doesn’t mean you compromise in quality. Whether you buy new sets or repaired and refurbished sets, quality and longevity is something that these business solutions providers always guarantee. The Nortel 1220 sets are among the leading versions belonging to the 1200 series and feature a host of different features and keys that give you a very comfortable working experience with them.

There are the context sensitive keys or the softkeys located below the LCD screen. This is highly dynamic aspect that depends grossly on the features that are actively in use. The maximum characters supported by the keys is six for labeling purpose. On the pressing More Key, you reach the next level of softkeys that are mostly self labeled. On either side of the LCD, there are the self labeled line of keys. These are also known as the programmable keys and they also act as the line keys or the DN keys. If you see a steady lighting beside a line key then you should know that the line is in active mode while if the icon is flashing then you should know that the call is on hold. When there is a call from a number that’s not available on the current display page for keys, the phone displays the page with the key that’s active automatically.


The user defined features in the phone include the intercom, memory and the line options. This model also contains programmable keys, navigation keys, volume keys, mute key and hands free key for an improved user experience. The phone model also has special indicator on the top portion for messages in waiting form, incoming calls when waiting. On the right side of the phone you have the enter key, applications key, headset key, hold key and the dial pad. While receiving a call, you need to lift the headset and press the key for the line that’s blinking to indicating receiving of the call. If you switch from one line to another, the calls are automatically sent on hold.

Packed in features and facilities, these phones are ideal for any corporate environment whether a big business or a small business and presently requires a good collection of these Nortel 1220 phones for their clients and buyers. If you have a range of these phones at your disposal and want to earn a good amount from them then this is your chance to make it big. You just have to get in touch with to sell or exchange your used telecom equipments and Nortel 1220 phones.