Nortel 1230 Phones

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Presently, is looking out for Nortel 1230 phones in large numbers in Magnan colors. The Nortel 1230 telephone models with the sizeable LCD screen in between has two sets of feature keys on both sides of the screen. On the left side there are the user keys like intercom, memory or line, including the keys like programmable keys, volume keys, mute key and the handsfree key.

On the right side of the LCD screen there is the indicator button for the message waiting or call waiting options. The line, memory and intercom keys are available on the right side as well, accompanied by the softkeys, enter key, navigation key, goodbye key, applications key, headset key, hold key and the dialpad. The indicator key on top right side of the system flashes and blinks when there is a call waiting and the intercom key blinks when there is a call.

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