Nortel BCM 450

The Nortel BCM 450 is a great addition for small to medium size businesses. This is one of the most sophisticated and reliable solutions within available communications systems. The way business is done has changed compared to earlier years and companies need to ensure that they have the right systems in place.

BCM stands for Business Communications Manager and it is a platform for converged data as well as voice communication. This is an affordable option for these small to medium sized businesses running on 30 to 300 users.

Abilities of the Nortel BCM 450 include:

Unified messaging: It consolidates fax, voice and email messages onto users’ laptops, PCs, with the use of one standard application.

Meet-Me Conferencing:  It has the capability to allow up to 120 participants in a conference call, and have 60 participants simultaneously on one conference.

Computer Telephony Integration:  Telephone services are controlled with different applications, for example clicking a number to call a company or automatic screen ‘pops’ up containing the customer’s information on the computer when receiving a call.

Intelligent Contact Centre functionality: This allows calls to be directed to the right person with the right skill set, at the right moment, and in the shortest possible time.

Automated Attendant: The Nortel BCM 450 allows calls to be answered with personalized greetings as well as menu options. Calls are routed to the best people to handle them with the right selection.

Choose the features you want: All features and applications are pre-loaded onto the Nortel BCM 450 system and that makes it easy to expand as and when the company has the need to do so.

Centralized Management: As a result of a built-in, intuitive software management application, it is possible to control the system completely from a central point. This includes all the various capabilities of the Nortel BCM 450, and that makes it easy to manage large, distributed networks.

Everything in the Nortel BCM 450 is geared to enabling the business to gain a competitive edge with speed, simplicity and savings which are vital aspects that determine success.

Further advantages and advanced applications include:

  • Excellent telephony capabilities
  • IP telephony
  • Voice messaging
  • Internet access
  • IP networking
  • Mobility solutions

Nortel BCM 450 business telephone system is an excellent scalable platform with capabilities mostly available for much larger organizations. It means that small to medium sized companies can benefit from the latest technologies without the large financial burden.

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