Nortel BCM 50

The key component to running a successful business is great communication; great communication cannot always be done face to face. That is why we use telephones. A business requires an advanced telephone system to keep up with all of its happenings. That is why you should invest in the Business Communications Manager 50 (BCM 50) telephone system by Nortel Networks. This device will maximize your business’ ability to communicate by securely combining your voice and data capabilities.

The Nortel BCM 50 includes a broad range of new and upgraded features. Nortel has managed to assemble the BCM 50 in a cost effective manner and they are passing those savings onto you. The biggest upgrades include improved security features and enhanced data transfer capabilities.

Nortel BCM 50 Features:

  • The new NCM4.0 which includes RADIUS support for user authentication
  • G.711 and G.729 codecs
  • Echo/noise cancellation
  • H.323 IP trunking and MCDN via H.323
  • T.38 faxing
  • Gatekeeper security
  • SIP proxy
  • Secure internet access (BCM 50e and BCM 50a)
  • Multi-site VoIP secure trunking via VPM tunnels (BCM 50e and BCM 50a)
  • Remote user support for wide-area VoIP applications (BCM 50e and BCM 50a)
  • Remote IP management
  • Call audit reporting
  • Agent state profiles with available and away settings
  • Intelligent contact, reporting and IP management applications
  • Support for up to 20 stations
  • Music source input
  • Dual function USB port (UPS monitoring and uploading)
  • Call center redirecting
  • Support for analog and digital devices
  • 40 GB of hard disk space for over 100 hours of voicemail storage
  • Four ethernet ports for LAN connections and management isolation
  • Internet browser based call management

All of Nortel Network’s enterprise business solutions, including the Nortel BCM 50, are now managed Avaya, Incorporated. They have been a top manufacturer in the telecom development industry for over a decade. Contact Avaya Inc. to learn more.

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