Nortel CICS

Combining the latest technological advances, the Nortel Compact Integrated Communications System, otherwise known as Nortel CICS, is a great business tool that can handle demanding office needs. This makes the choice of a good telephone system very easy as the Nortel CICS provide system solutions.

This phone system comes packaged with a lot of standard features and can be changed from 4 trunks and 8 stations to 8 trunks and 24 stations, which indicates potential growth. The Nortel Compact Integrated Communications System is powerful, and not complicated to use at all.

Applications like automatic call distribution, computer telephony integration, and voicemail can be added to the Nortel CICS. This also includes Integrated Automated Attendant.

It is possible to adjust and enhance the capabilities of the Nortel Compact Integrated Communications System as changes in the business takes place, and these changes are cost effective. The system also supports Norstar as well as Business Series Terminals.

Benefits of the Nortel Compact Integrated Communications System:

  • High bandwidth to the desktop which allows you to make use of BRI ISDN and without any additional wiring.
  • Desktop Computer Telephony Integration is also possible. These allow supporting features like call routing and automatic caller identification.
  • The capabilities within the communication systems can be tailored according to need.
  • The Nortel Compact Integrated Communications System boasts the ability to cater for the future. The expansion of cartridges allows the size of the system to increase.
  • The durability and reliability is contributed towards the exceptional quality of the Nortel CICS. It currently has one of the lowest failure rates.
  • Trunk-side voice and fax over IP connections are also supported.
  •  It creates a solid platform for computer based systems that needs to be integrated.
  • It has evergreen software enhancements

Features of the Nortel Compact Integrated Communications System:

  • Music on hold capabilities
  • Automatic power saving abilities
  • Calling Line Identification (CLID)
  • Toll Restriction abilities
  • Paging
  • Automatic Set Relocation

All these functions are aimed towards better work efficiency within the business. A high level of calling patterns can easily be managed by the Nortel CICS, and with all the sophisticated features, it’s a system that will add a lot of value to the company.

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