Nortel MICS

Innovative telephone network systems are one of the wonders of the modern age, allowing businesses to manage complex phone systems with very little effort. The Nortel MICS, which stands for modular integrated communications system, is designed to be scaled to any size operation and offers businesses something truly valuable – a way to save you time, money and improves the way that you do business.

The Need for Nortel MICS

In the old days of business communications, messages were constantly being taken, passed back and forth, written on message pads or scraps of paper, and phones would often go unanswered. Unfortunately, businesses simply can’t manage communications like that anymore. Customers expect to be able to instantly be connected with the person they called, and it is vital that messages are delivered timely to the right person.

Some of the benefits of the Nortel MICS:

  • Integrated applications: multi-application support, integrated voice capabilities and robust data functionality
  • High-speed communications: supports full and fractional T1, ISDN, BRI, and PRI digital services; multiple connection options and more
  • Remarkable scalability: add modules in ‘building block’ fashion to grow system; can grow up to 272 ports in various combinations of lines and expansion levels
  • Quality and reliability: standard setting reliability, quality manufacturing from Norstar

The reasons that the Modular ICS is so popular, is simply that it works better than any other communications management system out there. Callers are able to find the person they are calling by pressing a few buttons and are able to be connected instantly with the person or their voice mail. This not only makes for happy customers, but it means allows employees to receive accurate, instant messages when they arrive for the day or return from lunch.

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