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Selling Old Phone System to a Company with Buyback Programs

Upgrading to a new phone system is essential with time and you may look for replacing your old system. You either discard or sell the old system to someone who can use it again or dump it so you do not have to make extra efforts. You may see your long used phone system as useless now and do not worry about the scrap value. However, it is not a scrap but an asset that is not suitable for your business anymore. It can be a good opportunity for other businesses where there is a need of cot effective system and not an upgraded one. You can always sell old phone system directly but there are few benefits of contacting the right company experienced in buy back of old phones.

Working Equipment

Your old system is already working and such phones last longer than you expect. Unlike mobile phones that last for short time, these phones last very long and can be reused after repair even if something is damaged. Hence, if you have equipment in working condition or with some fault, it may have a longer life remaining and you may not know it. If you sell used Nortel equipment, you should get good value because you have a good quality product. Selling this to right place will help you in assessment of right value for your system.

Right Suggestion

You may not always need to sell the system. Sometimes upgrading to new system requires some changes only. Before you sell used Nortel equipment, you may like to know if they are really in bad condition and you need replacement. Sometimes, you can repair it and use again. This will save you a lot on cost. You would definitely not like to sell a usable product at low cost and buy a similar product for high cost.


Whether you need to dump some things or you are replacing the system, you need to uninstall the fixtures and move them to right place. When you sell old phone system, you may see how much the system is attached to your infrastructure. You may not want to replace it at cost of any further damage. It is better to take help of experts and let them remove it at their own. This will save you on time, cost and efforts. They will dump products at right place and remove the fixtures in a better way.

New Installation

A company that buys back old phone also sells them. There may be people who have already used system that you are looking to buy. If you are looking for an upgraded system but at cost effective price, you can always rely upon buyer of your old system. It is better to used old phone system with long life than investing in everything new. These systems work longer and you will need to upgrade in future so used system will be cost effective. Thus, a company with buyback program helps you gain more benefits on your old system.