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The Complete Resource for Reselling Old Telephone Gear

If you’ve upgraded your phone or other tech gear, you know getting rid of your old stuff is a pain. Did you realize that Sell Used Nortel Equipment might net you extra cash? With the proliferation of online markets, trading in used electronics has never been simpler. However, you must be aware of the proper techniques to optimize your profit and avoid typical errors. Following these guidelines, you can use your current phone setup more.

  • Determine the Worth of Your Tools

Know your used phone equipment’s value before selling it. This will help you price your products correctly. Check popular selling portals to find out what your equipment is worth. Compare the prices offered by various trade-in programs provided by phone manufacturers and service providers.

  • Pick the Best Time to Sell

Selling your old phone gear is a race against time. When equipment is in demand, you can sell it for more. For instance, selling your iPhone before a new model is available may fetch a higher price.

  • Take Excellent Pictures

The quality of the photographs you use to market your product can make or break your success. Get clear shots of your tools from all angles and with adequate lighting. Use a spotless backdrop and wipe away any dust or fingerprints from your equipment.

  • Describe in Detail

An honest and thorough description helps entice consumers and establish reasonable expectations. Describe the equipment’s current state, any included extras, and any problems or defects.

  • Be Quick to Reply to Questions

Responding to queries quickly shows potential buyers that you are serious about selling your equipment and builds trust. Respond to questions as soon as possible.

  • Consensual Bargaining

It’s important to be fair and truthful when negotiating. Set a minimum price you’ll accept and negotiate within an acceptable range.


It’s possible to make additional money by selling your old phone equipment, but these strategies will help you get the most for your efforts. DBP Equipment is your one-stop shop for buying and Sell Used Nortel Phone Equipment and networking equipment, or whether you need to fill your workplace with economical Nortel telecommunications solutions.